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Football Fortunes Frequently Asked Questions

Football Fortunes Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know where to get the Football Fortunes app? Wondering what the latest rules of the game are? Read on for answers to the most common questions about Football Fortunes

Where can I get the Football Fortunes app?

The Football Fortunes apps can be downloaded from the links in the navigation at the top of this page

Where can I find the latest rules for Football Fortunes?

The latest rules for the game are available in the How to Play section of the Football Fortunes app. A printable PDF of the Football Fortunes rules is also available here.

Is the game available in different languages?

At present the game is only availble in English but we will release the game in other languages if and when the opportunity arises.

What's in the Football Fortunes box?

Watch the Game Freezer's unboxing of Football Fortunes In the box there's the game board, 176 Premier League player cards and a pack of classic 1980s player cards from the Brian Clough's Football Fortunes game. There's also youth player cards, coach cards and scout cards for use in builsing your squad.

Lastly there's a bunch of tokens for cup winning, moving on the board, upgrading players and coaches and for use on the deluxe player mats to help you remember your team ratings.

What was Brian Clough's Football Fortunes?

Brian Clough's Football Fortunes was published by CDS Software in 1987. Watch our video below for an unboxing and walk through of the iconic original game.

How can I keep up to date on Football Fortunes news?

To keep in touch, like us on Facebook, join our Brian Clough's Football Fortunes group on Facebook, join our mailing list or drop us an email at

Updated Rules

New rules for the Premier League era. Transfers windows, Bosman free transfers, youth players, coaches and more...

All New Player Cards

Many of the players that you know and love from the Premier League, with their player ratings voted for by the fans...

From 2 - 6 Players

Play with your friends, just like in the classic original game, but with many new twists and turns to keep you on your toes...




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Premier League Players

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